About Yoga Darshana Center

Yoga Darshana Center is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2001. It was created as a means to help alleviate suffering and raise the level of consciousness in the world. The centers vision is to offer students an alternative spiritual lifestyle that will bring peace, health, happiness and abundance. Darshana believes that yoga should be accessible and affordable for everyone and tailors Yoga to the specific needs and lifestyles of each individual.

Darshana is a non-commercial studio with a warm, peaceful and friendly environment. This safe and nurturing atmosphere allows students to feel at home and relax as they are. The centers motto is 'Where Yoga is for Everyone' Through various means, yoga is made accessible for all regardless of body size, flexibility, injuries or limitations.

Yoga Darshana Center appreciates your continued support over the years. Your generous contributions help to keep this beautiful community studio. Yoga Darshana Center is a 501(c)(3) and your donations are tax deductible.

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