Yoga Class Styles

Hatha Yoga: For the classical Yogi, this style has simple and effective body movements that strengthen the back, firm the stomach, and redistribute body weight. Long Island yoga classes exercise stretch and tone the body. Endurance and flexibility are also enhanced. Asana (yoga postures) brings about deeper awareness of body, mind and soul.  With stress relieved from the body, the mind becomes calmer and ready to focus. This becomes a fertile ground for meditation and the journey beyond.

Yoga For Beginners: Experience simple and effective body movements that strengthen the back, firm the stomach, redistribute body weight, increase endurance and flexibility. This class will bring a deeper awareness of body, mind and spirit. With stress relieved from the body, the mind becomes calmer and ready to focus. This becomes a fertile ground for meditation and the journey beyond..

Go With The Flow: In this style of yoga, through carefully balanced sequence, the breath, form and movement are integrated. This creates a practice that is in harmony with our physical body. By invigorating the entire body, strengthening its weakest link, releasing internal knots and building up stamina, there is an increased energy, vitality and sense of freedom. A profound state of peace and relaxation is usually experienced.


Mind body fusion: is a class designed to unwind, release and soften the mental mind and the physical body. Postures, breath work and meditation are the fundamental practices in this class. This class infuses a variety of styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa, and ashtanga yoga. Designed to help one de-stress, gain strength and develop a deeper understanding of the physical body, find peace and live in the now through the practice of yoga.


Restorative Yoga: This style focuses on deeply resting and revitalizing the physical body by providing support and comfort. These poses help trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which is vital for maintaining a balance in the body. Crystal bowl sound healing, Reiki and essential oils are also used to deepen the restoration experience.

Yoga Mix: Yoga Mix combines the styles of Hatha, Dynamic and Vinyasa Yoga. The emphasis will be on alignment, breath, self-awareness and building strength. Yoga Mix also uses props such as blocks and straps to facilitate movement into the poses. This class is great for the beginner to the advanced yogi.


Morning  Bliss Yoga: Activate the core, enliven the breath, stimulate the spirit, lengthen, tone, revive and awaken the body as you move into yogic bliss through a mix of Yin, Hatha and flow yoga.


Weekend Warrior: Get your weekend started right with this powerful and self healing practice. Awaken the body, mind, and soul. Postures, breath work, and meditation are all part of this class. This will be a fun class, intended to energize and de-stress! We will learn how to allow the body, mind, and breath to come together as one. 


Happy Hour Yoga: Give yourself the opportunity to unwind, let go, recharge and reconnect. Working through a series of yoga postures and meditation, we will clear the cobwebs, energize the body and reset the mind and spirit.


Children's Yoga: Strengthen and stretch the physical body, enhance emotional wellness through a playful class. Children's yoga practice can improve academic performance, nurture relationships, and reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing health and happiness. The earlier in life we start yoga the better.

Meditation for Stress Release: Through the use of comfortable blankets, props, bolsters, eye pillows, peaceful singing bowl music and young living essential oils, students will be able to deeply relax into their body in a lying position. Participants will be guided into a sequence that will allow for deeply held tensions, stress and pain to be released from their bodies. As each layer is released into Pure Awareness there is an uncovering of a deeper sense of freedom, truth and joy.


Special Events

Yoga Day: This is Darshana's most popular event and is held only once a year, usually in February. This wonderful event offers free yoga classes on Long Island all day. Its a way for Yoga Darshana Center to bring yoga into the community. Asanas, meditation, free gifts, raffle drawings, discounted class packages, movies and much more. 

Satsang: Spiritual seekers wishing to listen, speak and assimilate truth are welcomed to Satsang. If you have an inner itch for something that cannot be scratched, then it most likely is your Inner Soul calling. A Satsang may include: Prayer, Mantra, Scriptures, Devotional Singing, Uplifting Talk, Reflection, Meditation, Healing Circle, Support, Also Spiritual Movies, Outings, Retreats or more.

Half Day Retreats: Mostly offered in the summer, Yoga Darshana Center gives Salutations to the Sun at Robert Moses Beach during sunrise; continuing at the Center with organic mindful breakfast, kirtan, yoga postures, breathing and yoga nidra meditation. The emphasis will be on breaking through the barriers of mind and opening the heart to universal love.

Lectures: Lectures consist of educational, spiritual and inspirational topics, which include information about great lives, health, nutrition or yoga practices. Often included are documentaries or powerpoint presentations.

Kirtan: In this form of devotional chanting and singing, the practitioner is brought beyond limitations. Kirtan roots extend back over hundreds of years to India. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion) and has the power to open the doors of the heart. The singing is generally accompanied by musical such as guitar, flute, tambourines, bells, drums and more. The Kirtan leader sings the verse and the audience responds back. Kirtans have to power to invoke deep states of meditation and inner bliss.

Healing Circles: These special events are generally formed to help heal an individual who is suffering physically, mentally, and or emotionally. The recipient is placed on the healing table while the healers gathers around. The room is filled with love, compassion, healing and wholeness. The healing spirits and beings of light are invited into the room as well. The healers place their hands on various parts of the recipients body, allowing for a transference of healing from beyond.

Movies: All movies are geared toward an inspiration to further one’s spiritual practice.

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