Welcome To Yoga

Why should I practice yoga?

Students come to Yoga for various reasons. Many of them want to reduce stress, depression, fatigue, pain and to feel more connected, open and happy. Yoga practice can give you all of these things plus much more. The level of commitment will always determine the rewards one will receive.

What will I experience in a yoga class?

A typical class at Yoga Darshana Center begins with getting acclimated and grounded, followed with various yoga stretches and gentle breathing practices to open the body, create space and allow for a deeper sense of awareness. Each class ends with a blissful, deep relaxation experience

I’m not flexible, can I still practice?

Yoga is for EveryOne. At YDC, yoga practice is not about standing on the head or twisting into a pretzel. Yoga is about connecting more deeply with oneself. It’s an inner experience. Regardless of age, size or limitations, yoga can be made accessible to everyone.

Yoga practice should feel good. Do what feels right for YOU & never push your body beyond its limits. Pain should not be felt in a posture. Honor yourself, listen to the body’s intelligence and know you can always skip a pose or ask the teacher for a modification.

What do I need for my first yoga class?

A yoga mat is like your personal magic carpet so it’s great to have your own. Yoga mats are also available at the studio if needed.

You may wish to bring a small towel & water bottle. Students are also encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a new student form and settle in. You will be stretching so wear your favorite comfortable clothes.

Everyone’s dietary needs are different, however you may find that eating very lightly before class will allow for a better yoga experience.