Darshana Testimonials


Yoga Darshana has been influential in my change of self. Where do I begin? For one thing, I sleep better and this has not happened for me in years. I used to wake up 3-4 times in the night due to chronic worry and stress. The second benefit I have received from yoga practice and meditation at Yoga Darshana Center is release from worry and stress from work and responsibilities. Finally, I have more energy and focus in my work and am able to take my practice on the mat into my everyday world. The highly demanding environment I work in doesn't effect me the way it used to because I am able to relax and breathe innately. Mentally I know I can slow myself down and relax just from breathing – and it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Matt and Regina for all that you do, you are awe inspiring and give me strength and peace within. ~Jeanie Ng


I was suffering from migraine headaches and looking for something other than medication to relieve my pain. That is when I came across Yoga Darshana Center. After taking several classes my headaches were gone. I also felt more grounded in my inner being. I have discovered the practice of all forms of yoga and have found peace with things I did not realize were plaguing my life. I have opened my mind and heart to a new beginning and found a path that feels just right. I am very thankful for all the new friends I have made through the center. The changes that have occurred inside have not only benefited me but my children as well. I fell blessed to have such wonderful teachers. Thank you everyone at Yoga Darshana Center. ~Marie


Three and a half years ago a friend suggested I attend "yoga day" at YDC to see what it was like. Well here I am still learning great things, meeting awesome people and keeping myself active and having fun at the same time. The teachers are the best, helpful, not critical which is great when you are new to the "game" of yoga. Thanks to all of you at Yoga Darshana Center for giving me something to look forward to each and every week, especially the retreats and reiki. ~Pat Olsen


I am grateful to have studied and practiced yoga at the Yoga Darshna Center. My life will never be the same. I began going there when the center opened in 2001 and if wasn't for my now three young children who are ages three and under, I would still be an active member. This is not just a yoga studio but an authentic, right intentioned spiritual center. I have been a part of some incredible festivals, retreats, lectures, Kirtans and meditations held at the Yoga Darshna Center that will live forever in my heart. The people who run the place are very warm, kind hearted and loving. If you are searching for more peace and truth in your life, this is wonderful place to practice yoga. I have every intention to becoming an active member again when my life situation allows for it. I hope to see you there sometime. Om Shanti. ~Lisa S


Yoga Darshana Center is a very special place to practice. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, you are always made to feel comfortable and welcomed. All of the teachers are exceptional! I always know it's going to be a great session, whether it is a yoga class (they offer a nice variety of styles), yoga nidra session or energy & sound healing event. They also have the best prices around! I love the YDC! ~AnnMarie


With a large interest in yoga, but with little experience, Yoga Darshana Center has helped educate me on such a healthy and physically/emotionally rewarding practice. The environment at YDC is very warm and comfortable and I feel refreshed each time I enter the building. With casual and talented instructors, students of all levels are provided with a safe, personal, fun, and productive experience. Every session is rewarding, and I always leave with a new, balanced state of being. I am very grateful to YDC for everything it has offered me. ~Lisa B


I love Yoga Darshana Center. They taught me the spiritual foundations in yoga such as (Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita) and so much more. I love to return to the center for more training including privates and workshops. All of the teachers are very supportive and I always end up back at Darshana. I present to them things that I may be doing or may have learned and they continue to be thoughtful and compassionate in their approach to me. I always feel good about myself when I am surrounded by their giving energy. They are my family and keep going back for more. ~Linda F


I first showed up at the YDC in 2004. I was going through a major upheaval in my life and showed up at the doors of the YDC looking for some relief. I was met with the wonderful smell of incense and immediately my stress began to melt away. Needless to say, not only did I find relief in a relaxed environment, I met the warmest people who really cared. I have a special place in my heart for all who run the place and for helping me through a very trying time. Regina, Matt, Dolores are very kind people who were there to welcome me with opened arms. My circle of friends grew larger and so did my heart as I learned to continue to work to clear the dust from it. I don't get there as often as I'd like, but I can assure you just thinking of all my wonderful memories sustain me beyond measure. Keep up the great work YDC! I love you all! ~Patti


I recently attended a class at Yoga Darshana Center. Upon entering the building I inhaled the pleasant aroma of incense and was soothed by the meditative music. I was also amazed with the amount of togetherness, love and kindness that filled the yoga room. The teachers really made me feel at home and I can't wait to go back again. ~Johanna

Awesome place with a spectacular and knowledgeable staff! I would highly recommend this center to anyone, beginner or advanced! You will always feel comfortable and welcome here. Try it, you will LOVE it. ~Carla


I learned a new approach and technique in Yoga Nidra class which I already implemented in my practice this morning. It actually helped me fall back asleep when I woke up in the middle of the night. ~Alexandra


The teachers are very clear and skillful. I appreciate how generously they share their grounded, gentle energy and knowledge of this deep but accessible practice. After each class, I feel a deeper sense of connection and more acceptance/peacefulness about myself and where I am in life. ~Beth


Yoga Darshana Center has friendly personable staff, comfortable class sizes and is reasonably priced. It is appealing to all ages, experience levels, interests, & capabilities. I always leave class somehow feeling equally relaxed and stimulated. Classes encompass both the traditional and the eclectic with a variety of poses. I always hope my rare day off will coincide with one of amazing classes that they offer. ~Andrea


I have been to several yoga studios over the past several years and Yoga Darshana Center is by far the best experience I have ever had. The teachers are very well trained, friendly and attentive. They give precise instructions and always seem to give me the proper adjustments to make the experience even better. The environment is very calming and peaceful. I highly recommend this studio to others. Also, the prices are very reasonable and they gave me a first class. I loved it. ~Joe


This yoga studio is great. The atmosphere is so calming and relaxing. The instructors were awsome and everyone was so kind. I had an amazing experience and would go back again. If you ever need a calming environment this is the place to go. I would definitly recommend this place to friends and family. ~Wendy


Thank you Yoga Darshana Center for all of the wonderful insights you gave to me. The meditation workshop was amazing and exactly what I needed for spiritual growth. Also, the private meditation sessions were a pivotal moment into self awareness. The knowledge and answers that I received helped me further in my lifes journey. The kindness and sincerity given to me was very touching. ~Renee


This Yoga Center is extraordinary and is a must visit! Staff are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Classes are a comfortable size and very reasonably priced. I couldn't feel any more welcome than when I am there. It is like one big happy family. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Yoga Center to everyone. ~Laura


Yoga Darshana Center has been a wonderful experience for me. The teachers meet you where you are at and are very compassionate. When you walk through the door you just feel at ease and relaxed. I feel connected to each one of the teachers there. Each teacher brings something different from the table. I look forward to each class I attend. It never is a drag and the classes are very possitive and uplifting. I leave there feeling at peace each time. Slowly, I am giving in to my inner calling and exploring more of the yoga "world"... and YDC is giving me the many pathways to get there. I believe they are right in the fact that Yoga is for EVERYONE!! Thank you YDC for helping me turn my life around into a more possitive way. ~Maggie


My experience with the teacher training program has been challenging and rewarding in ways I never expected. I am 52 years old and yoga has helped me with my entire life. I am calmer, more focused and in the best physical shape of my life. The educational part of the teacher training program was the most rewarding. I enjoyed learning anatomy, physiology, history, philosophy, cancer yoga, chair yoga, nidra meditation, pregnancy yoga etc. The teachers at Yoga Darshana are very respected in the fields they work in. Several of them are nurses, physical therapists, and massage therapists. The teachers have been practicing yoga for a long time and are very skilled in what they do. During the training we worked in groups and I became very close with my classmates. We went through a lot together physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now I can't wait to start teaching yoga and do what I love the most. This program is exceptional and I highly recommend it. ~John Cahill


Yoga Darshana's teacher training program had a very positive effect on my life. It helped with a lot of issues that I was going through and I have changed for the better. My view of the world is now completely different from when I first started. Just being at the center allowed me to heal and I learned many ways of healing myself. I am healthier, stronger and wiser after completing the program. For the first time, I felt a sense of community, acceptance and peace. Yoga Darshana Center gave me a powerful gift, and I will never forget the four months I was training there. I am much more effective in circumstances and for this I am extremely grateful. Each moment is important, each moment is an observance, and each moment contains precious knowledge. This program was truly worth every penny I am happy to have been a part of it. Thank you YDC. ~Liz


Absolutely superb! I went from a day that was unusually anxious and melancholy to deep peace and satisfaction. Thank you. ~Paula


My introduction to Yoga was a beginners class at Yoga Darshana and because of the instructors patience, enthusiasm and love of Yoga I always leave class feeling spiritual and relaxed. As I'm getting older, I do feel less flexible and my instructors technique encourages mindfulness as he takes your body through Yoga postures and breathing techniques. ~Kim L


Im so happy that I discovered the Yoga Darshana Center. They provide a very relaxing environment which allows you to destress from your day and take some time to focus on you. It is a very welcoming environment where you will be comfortable regardless of your skill level. I love that they have a good variety of classes to fit all kinds of schedules. The students who attend are also down to earth and it never feels competitive. I look forward to going every week. ~Michelle G